Asconapé Law Group

A National law firm...



Headquartered in Florida

Main Office located in Marianna, Florida.

A Nation-wide attorney network

Tactical alliances and strong bonds with powerhouse  plaintiffs' law firms in all 50 states.


We Don't get paid unless we win your case

Our law firm only accepts cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we don't win your case, we will not be paid a legal fee.

The Asconapé Law Group is deeply committed to providing its clientele with top-notch service and first-class results. With our main office in Marianna, Florida and access to a nation-wide network of plaintiffs' attorneys in all 50 states, our firm's clients can rest assured that their legal matter is in competent hands and that compensation derived from their legal claims will be maximized.

Sample reSULTS


$1.1 M

Failed Knee Replacement/Medical Device



SUV Rollover/Tire Tread Sepraration/Wrongful Death



Construction Accident/Traumatic Brain Injury

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